1516L - Colligative Properties

Details of this experiment are found in the handout here. You will use the MicroLab analysis equipment in order to accurately measure the freezing point depression when an unknown solute is added to the organic liquid, t-butanol. From the temperature difference you will be able to calculate the molecular weight of the unknown.

MicroLab Analysis Box

Once again you will be using the new thermocouples (shown below) in order to measure a temperature difference; instructions for how to calibrate the MicroLab thermocouple are found here. Insert the new thermocouple (shown below) and calibrate as usual.

The Experiment Setup

Once you have the thermocouple calibrated, you should assemble the experiment apparatus according to the schematic shown below:

When the experiment is complete, dispose of any waste, return the thermocouple to the front bench and clean up the balance room and your work area as needed.