1516L - Liquids & Solids: Enthalpy of Fusion

Details of this experiment are found in the handout here. You will use the MicroLab analysis equipment in order to accurately measure the temperature change that occurs when ice melts/freezes. Using an insulated styrofoam cup as a simple "calorimeter" allows you to determine the heat generated and, through calculation, the enthalpy of fusion for the physical change.

New Thermocouples for the MicroLab Analysis Box

The front of the box has a series of ports for different probes (many of which you will use in 1516L); you insert the new thermocouple lead (shown below) in the appropriate slot.

Calibration of the New Thermocouples

Instructions for how to calibrate the new MicroLab thermocouples (which directly replace the wire thermocouples shown in the pictures) are found here. Using boiling water and a slurry of ice-water (shown below) will allow you to set up the thermocouple appropriately.

When the experiment is complete, dispose of any waste, return the thermocouple to the front bench and clean up the balance room and your work area as needed.