General Chemistry Teaching Laboratories & Safety

During your first laboratory session your Teaching Assistant will lead you through the lab and discuss the layout and go through very important safety issues. You will then check in by being given a locker containing most of the equipment that you will be using during General Chemistry. The lab is a safe place as long as you are sensible, prepared for the experiments you are doing, and have respect for the chemicals and the other people you are working with.

The Laboratory

The main labs (rooms 6035 and 6037) are equipped with enough spaces and lockers to house 25 students safely with each student receiving a locker containing basic equipment. Each bench has a fume hood as well as a networked PC that is connected to the MicroLab analysis box.

The Balance Room

Room 6036 is shared between the two labs and is home to analytical balances, several microwave ovens that are used in several experiments, as well as a networked laser printer that is used for printing data that you collect with LabWorks. Notice how clean it looks.

Around the Lab - Safety

Your TA will give you a detailed tour of the safety features in our General Chemistry labs, including the eyewash station that is to be used only if someone gets a chemical in their eye. These are expensive to replace and should only be used in an emergency.

Around the Lab - Safety

Each lab contains a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket; the former is appropriate for a fire on the bench, the latter if your clothing is set alight. A first aid kit is also available for any small cuts and the long hose shown in the picture is attached to a shower head to use if you spill chemicals on yourself. Notice there is no drain for the shower.

Around the Lab - Waste Disposal

At the end of each bench is a sink that is to be used for cleaning equipment and for the disposal of approved waste (check with the TA). Read the directions about the glass waste containers that are above the sinks and be careful with any broken glass. There will be waste containers available for individual experiments.