Organic Chemistry 3719 Lecture, Laboratory, & Recitation Material
3719L Material from Dr. Jackson's webpage; handouts and experiment information
MSU Textbook an excellent resource for sophomore Organic Chemistry material
ChemBioOffice software available to all students with a current YSU email address
Organic Chemistry 3719, Supplementary Lecture Material
3719 Lecture slides in Adobe Acrobat Portfolio format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 9)
Carey Companion Site supplementary material related to the text book
Mechanism summaries from Chapters 4, 5, & 6 (Adobe Acrobat)
Organic Chemistry 3719, Practice Material (Exams, Problem Sets, & Answer Keys)
3719 Past Exams & Keys in Adobe Acrobat Portfolio format
3719 Problem Sets & Keys in Adobe Acrobat Portfolio format
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