Peter Norris, B.Sc. Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio 44555, U.S.A.

Heterocyclic Chemistry and Synthetic Methodology


Our main interest is in the use of azides and diazo compounds in the synthesis of various N-heterocycles. We have developed safer methods for making organic azides and are studying a novel metal-catalyzed cyclization for the formation of medium-sized cycles.



Responsible for the large pre-professional and major sections of sophomore Organic Chemistry at YSU (3719-3720 Fall-Spring sequence), as well as the graduate courses (6941-6942) and the occasional recitation section (3719R-3720R).



Advice on course selection and scheduling classes is available during each semester. Please make an appointment by phone or email beforehand. Guidance on graduate school admission and careers within the chemical sciences is also available.


Latest article

22.05.2011 - One-pot Azidation

Link to paper in ScienceDirect

Our paper on the reaction of several sugar-derived alcohols with p-acetamidobenzene-sulfonyl azide, which includes a convenient one-pot alcohol to azide conversion, has appeared in the journal Tetrahedron Letters.

An article on a useful lab exercise based on the SN2 reaction is currently under review at the Journal of Chemical Education.